Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Needed Update

Ok, so here's how things stand in Florida:

I hate being sick because it gives me a headache like none other and I get more tired than normal. Work is continuously slow which doesn't make sense because it's supposed to be our busy season. SO work is boring and I'm getting over being sick.
My good news is I'm still a book nerd and a book that I've been waiting for since March came is coming out on Saturday so I'll be getting it on Saturday because I ordered it online! Woot!
My other good news is that Bethany comes on August 16th and Bailey is ordering the bridesmaid dresses this week! Yay ra!

I believe that is all that I have to report. My burn is healing thank God and I can't wait until September, October and November so that I can see my family (Bailey and Matt count as such to me). For real, that's all I've got. Byes!

Saturday, July 26, 2008


So, nothing all that interesting has happened lately. Lots of work. We started an ice war at work last night and it ended with me having 2 handfuls of ice thrown down my shirt. Because my shirt is tucked in the ice got everywhere. In my bra, down my pants and stuck in my underwear. And let me say, ice down the underwear is cold! I did entertain everyone including the guests by doing a funny little dance to get the ice out. And today I made some ladies day by telling her I was from D.C. since she was from Roanoke, VA. It was great.

That's about all my news. Byes!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Interesting Week

So, this week has been extremely eventful. It started with me getting burned and then my roommate Abby moving out, and on Friday I had to take Bree to the doctor, yesterday we had a cleaning crew come in to clean our apartment for our new roommate and today we got a new roommate named Rainey. Rainey is from Taiwan and so far seems like a really sweet girl. I hope that this works out well. Pray that it does!

Yesterday I found even more appreciation for my dad's Cleaning Authority franchise. The cleaning company that came yesterday made all of us angry. They left a notice on our door Friday night saying that the cleaners would be here at sometime during the day on Saturday. So I got up at 9 am to take my antibiotics and then I got in the shower. Well, while I was in the shower the cleaners showed up. They wanted to come clean our bedroom and bathroom. But since my bathroom is connected to our bedroom Bree wouldn't let the strange cleaning man into my bedroom because I was naked in the shower. He started yelling at her about how we were given 24 hours notice and that we have to let them into the rooms when they're here and threatened to call the front office to report us. She finally let him into the bedroom but then he got pissed because he couldn't come into the bathroom because I was in there getting dressed. Seriously, he could have cleaned any other room in the apartment he did not have to start with ours. Reasons this made me love my wonderful dad and his company that is run by his amazing wife who happens to be my fantastic mom: 1. They give you a 2 hour time frame for when they're coming, 2. They would clean around you if need be, 3. They would have cleaned any other room that wasn't being used and then go back to the room that had been occupied and ask if it was alright to clean that room now.
Just so Dad knows I didn't hate working at the Cleaning Authority with him, I just love Disney a whole lot more. No offense!!!

That's all I've got. Byes!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008


So, since my last post several things have happened around here. One of my roommates, Abby, decided to leave and go home to a better paying job and to be around her family. I understand the decision but it makes me sad and I miss her. It's sad that I only got about a month and a half with her. I ran errands with her all day Monday so that she could get ready to leave and that night me Bree, Beth and Abby went out to Raglan Road, the Irish Pub and Restaurant at Downtown Disney. It has only authentic Irish food and it was so good. When I told Mom that I ate Irish food she was shocked, not only because I ate it but because I liked it. :P

My other news is that last Saturday/Sunday (I had a shift that began on Saturday and ended on Sunday) I went and gave myself a second degree burn on my left forearm. What happened was, I was cleaning the fry table at the end of the night and bumped my arm against the chili pot holder for about 2 seconds, maybe 3, and immediatly my arm got burned. It didn't look that bad that night and it didn't look bad Sunday during my 12 hour shift. But on Monday it was red and inflamed and itchy. So on Tuesday I went to the doctors; working for Disney means I can go to their doctors and I don't have to pay for a co-pay. Wahoo! On Tuesday they told me to try soaking my arm in Espom salts and to put Neosporin on the wound to see if that helped the inflamation and almost infection and I had to go back on Wednesday. The salts helped with the inflamation but the red spread on my arm so on Wednesday I was given antibiotics, which was free because I work for Disney, went to their doctors office and it was awound from on the job. Yipee for me not having to pay lots of money for medicine!!!! My arm is now looking better because the anitbiotics are working along with the Espom salts.

I talked to Bailey for a long time yesterday and I'm leaving on Thursday December 11th for her wedding. It made her so happy because her other 2 bridesmaids weren't planning on coming until Friday. Yay for me getting to see my best friend!!!!

That's all my news. I hope that everything with everyone else is going great. Byes!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Interesting Stories

So work isn't interesting as of late. It's pretty much the same old routine. But the little kids that come in are so cute they make the routine not so boring because they are all so happy and I have fun talking to them.

My roommate, Bree, has a great opportunity at her work. She works the Glow Carts at Magic Kingdom (the carts that have the light up toys that are only out at night). Her manager asked her if she wanted to be an assistant manager. This is what she has wanted since she got here. I'm so happy for her!!!! She starts her training in about 2 weeks. Yay Bree!!!

I asked my coordinator about when I might find out about being a GT. She told me that it would took about 2 months. I have already been here for about a month so I should find out in the next month or so.

On Tuesday I went to the club with some people from work. The club was kind of dead but suprisingly interesting things happened. I saw 2 men get kicked out of the club, probably for inapproriate conduct, but I'm not really sure what happened for them to get kicked out. The next thing that occured was a guy got arrested. It took 3 cops to tackle this man to the floor and get him on his stomach so they could get handcuffs on him. Then he refused to get up so they literally lifted him by his pants and the back of his shirt and made him get up after which they escorted him out of the club. I was amazed and sort of entertained.

Well, that's all for now. Sorry it took so long to update but our internet has been down for a few days. Byes!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Past Couple of Days...

Beginning with Wednesday:

Wednesday afternoon I went to Disney's Hollywood Studios with my roommate and some friends. It was a lot of fun. Once we got home I made dinner for everyone and we ate it while watching the Little Mermaid. I was actually allowed to sing along with the movie so of course I enjoyed the night. Great times with friends and roommates.

Following with Thursday:

I tried to sleep in on Thursday but that fell through because stupid people decided it would be a good idea to powerwash the front door of our apartment which happens to be right by my window which is where my bed is. That was not fun. So instead I got up and ate the breakfast that my roommate Beth made. Then we just hung out until I had to go to work; work was crazy.
Thursday the special fireworks were at the Magic Kingdom which meant that there were hundreds of people at the park. It was way too packed for my comfort. I got to be greeter at work which was a relief actually. I stood out front and got to be like an attractions worker. I had to direct every guest into certain lines so that the lines that were out the door wouldn't be as much in the way. That was fun.
After the fireworks a group of people came running in because they had a lady about to pass out. The crowds and heat had gotten to the woman and she was also a few months pregnant. It was frightening actually because I had to try and help them with the woman while making people stop staring and keep moving. Once my manager got to Casey's she escorted the woman to First Aid.
Then a mother came running in with her 2 year old son freaking out because she noticed during the fireworks tha her son was dehydrated and passing out but she couldn't get out because of the large crowds. So I had to run get the woman a glass of water. Honestly, that was all the excitement I needed for one day.
During my break one of my friends came to visit me and we hung out for the entirety of my hour to sit down. That made my day.
I didn't get out of work until almost 4 am. Me, Bree and our friend John all got out around the same time so we rode home in my car. I had decided that waiting for the bus and not getting home until 5:30 am at the earliest was not going to happen. So on the way home we went to the supposed 24 hour McDonalds for dinner because none of us had eaten dinner yet. Guess what!? The stupid 24 hour McDonald's was closed without any reason. Highly aggravating. Instead we went to Walgreens which is 24 hours and bought as much food as we could carry and made it as soon as we got back to the apartment. Once I had dinner I went to bed because it was almost 6 am.

Regarding Friday:

Before work on Friday I went to meet one of my friends in between our shifts and wandered the park together. I got to meet Push, the moving talking trash can, right before the parade. That was fun. We got free hamburgers from their work location and free popsicles down by the locker rooms/entrance to the employee area of Magic Kingdom. Cast members get treated well by their managers on 4th of July because we get run into the ground. Once I was at work I seriously had no chance to breathe for 4 hours it was that busy. I was a filler at the busiest cash register and was running around non-stop. I got yelled at by one guest because the park was crowded. I was stunned into silence by that because, seriously, who comes to the Magic Kingdom on a national holiday and thinks it won't be crowded? It is the beginning of peak season and a major holiday on a weekend. Of course it will be crowded! Sheesh...
As soon as we were closed our managers gave us all free hot dogs for dinner. That was nice because I was freaking hungry! But then I got no help pre-closing so all the closing people got to work longer because we had to clean everything by ourselves which is a lot of work.
I drove again to work because I didn't get out until about 3:30 am. Bree got off about the same time as me so we rode home together. This time when we went to McDonald's it was actually open! But oh my god, the cashier was drunk, hung over and high all at the same time. He was literally falling out of the order window and slurring all his words, his eyes wouldn't focus and his eyes were hugely bugging out of his head. Wow, we laughed so hard.

About Saturday:

After 2 ridiculously late nights I got to have a 10.5 hour shift. I wasn't exactly happy about that because I didn't get that much sleep. To make matters worse, it was slow at work which made the day drag by. Lots of not fun.
I swear though, it was weird hair day at Magic Kingdom. I found an old lady with dark purple hair, a middle aged woman with bright pink hair and a pre teen boy with bright purple hair. I also found a Professor Dahlman look-a-like at Magic Kingdom (he's a professor from school) and it made me laugh while thinking about Bailey and all her classes with the man.

Ending with Sunday:

I stayed up late last night with roommates and friends. Then this morning I woke up on the couch and my roommates got up and made us all breakfast. Now we are watching John Tucker Must Die. I have to work tonight at 6 until 2 am.

Now my life is caught up as much as can be. Hopefully I'll get some sleep soon...

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Monday was another work day where I took a Safety in Motion Class which was all common sense stuff. But I got paid for it so go me.

Tuesday was a fun day. In the morning I ran some errands with my roommates and then we went to Magic Kingdom for Wenn's birthday. Her birthday was actually on Monday but none of us knew until late that night so we celebrated yesterday. At Magic Kingdom we hung out and were there until about midnight. The 4th of July fireworks were previewed yesterday and they were amazing. It was a great fun day. Wenn apparently is very scared of the Haunted Mansion. My ear drums took a little beating while riding that ride with her. Still fun though.

Today I am going to do laundry since I haven't done that in about 2 weeks and Wenn and I are supposed to go to the Animal Kingdom. And then tonight I am making dinner for my roommates. That's all I've got. Byes!