Sunday, November 16, 2008

My life is still amazing!

I'm still alive for those of you who might think otherwise. And I love my life!!!!! Still.

So, I got all of my Christmas shopping done at Disney and it's still November!!!

Reasons my life is still amazing:

1. My Christmas shopping is done and everything was 50% off for me! Yay ra!
2. I got my maid of honor dress for Bailey's wedding and I have never felt more elegant.
3. I've lost weight and that is always a good feeling
4. My parents and my brother are coming in a week and a half!!!!
5. I get to take my family to the parks for 2 days while they are here!! And we're eating at the Nine Dragons at the China pavilion! I get to cross off another of the nice restaurants from my list!! (I have a goal to eat at all the nice restaurants at Epcot's World Showcase. So far I've made it through 3).
6. Bethany spent the night and we're going to church!
7. 2 of my best friends are getting married to each other is 27 days!!! Wahoo!!!!
8. Christmas music is being played on the radio and that just makes me happy! I am my mother's child!
9. I got to see my roommate!!! Work schedules keep conflicting with us seeing one another.
10. My house is mostly clean and it's pretty!
11. I still love my job!

Ok, that's all I've got. Byes!