Thursday, August 28, 2008

Rant followed by GT stuff

Ok, seriously the moron who created Vista Way needs to be smacked. Who the heck builds an apartment complex in freaking Florida that doesn't have any rain gutters/drains?!?! Seriously, in case no one has ever noticed it rains a lot in Florida and having to walk through puddles that come above my ankle is absurd. While I may not be that tall the puddles still shouldn't be that high. It didn't even rain a lot today and the puddles got huge and deep! Idiots.

Anyways, on to happier news. I began my GT training yesterday and aside from the having to get up ridiculously early I love it!!!! My trainer is a great deal of fun which is a relief because I was getting mixed reviews from everyone about her. She was amazing and I learned a lot from her. Yesterday I just followed and watched what she did. Today, however, I "ran" the show. That means that anytime there was a problem I fixed it, I did most of the setting up this morning and unless I couldn't figure something out (which only happened once) my trainer let me do everything. It was great!!!

Apparently though I am a bad daughter because I neglected to tell my mother that I work in an ice cream parlor attached to a bakery. I just kept referring to it as shops which is what it's called here in Magic Kingdom lingo and I forgot that my parents who don't work here didn't know that. Granted, my mother didn't say that I was a terrible daughter but she was just adorably excited and jealous of me working in an ice cream shop that I think she wishes we may be able to switch lives for a few days. I'm not allowed to eat any of the ice cream though. That might kill the desire to be me just slightly.

Also, as a yay me for running the show today, the Snow White DVD that I ordered weeks ago as a go me for getting the position showed up today. So that's what I'm watching now. I'm going to get back to that. Byes!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

More Pictures

So, I got kind of picture happy since I finally got all the pictures Wenn has taken because my camera committed suicide. Enjoy.

Pictures for those of you who like them

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Good Days is all I want to focus on

A week ago, Bethany got here!!! She lives "across the street" from me, which means that she lives across the pool from me at Vista. Her roommates are very nice and seem like great girls. It makes me excited for her because I know she was somewhat worried about coming down here. One of her roommates is one of the chipmunks and has told Bethany that she will go to any voice audition they find out about with Bethany so they won't be alone. Yay ra Bethany has someone to sing with! I know she misses Haylie, her old roommate from college, but I think this will be a good growing up stepping stone for Bethany.

Yesterday, I got a phone call for a preliminary interview for the Disney Professional Internship. The lady who did the interview told me I will definitely be getting a second interview in November sometime. I'm torn about this internship and coming home. I already talked to my dad about this, but if I don't get a raise for this internship I will be coming home because I will have more expenses with less money if that's the case. Part of growing up is having to pay college loans off and I won't be able to do that here. But I am at least going to follow through to the next step of the process before making any permanent decisions.

I get to see Alissa, Mike and the boys in 39 days and Matt and Bailey in 38 days!!!!!!

My grandparents are here in 8 days!!!!!! I plan on spending both my days off with them. One day we will go the Magic Kingdom so that I can show them around my park and the other day we can do whatever, maybe go to another park of their choosing. If we go to another park I think we might go to Animal Kingdom because it has birds and we all know that Grandpa loves birds. Almost as much as he loves chocolate cookies ;P.

Tomorrow I am going with 2 of my roommates to get a massage. We found a place earlier this week when we got pedicures that has an hour long massage for $35 instead of $70. Heck yes!! We are so looking forward to that. I think I made Mom a little jealous with that. Sorry Mom!!!
Also with my roommates, we will go shopping to Bed Bath and Beyond because I have a graduation gift certificate to that store and I sometimes like being a geeky grown up and being happy going to that store. And we might go to Old Navy for a clothes shopping fix and we will got to Company D so that Beth and I can figure out how much of a discount we get on park tickets once our free main gate passes run out.

Food and Wine Festival at Epcot starts soon so I will be getting Extra Magic Hours there which means more money for me!!

I should be getting a care package from Matt and Bailey soon which makes me happy! My siblings love me :)
I am also getting a care envelope from my parents since I already got their care package. I'm excited about that one too.
And I should be getting Snow White in the mail any day now (the dvd) because I ordered that as a yay me for getting a promotion.

I start my training for GT on Wednesday!!!! I will start getting more hours and actually be doing something slightly related to my major.

Sorry for the long post but it's been a while since I updated and I decided that a post full of only good news was a good thing. Helps everyone know that I am ok and helps me remember that the good always outweighs the bad.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Who Ha!

I am officially a grown-up!! I got my first hotel room all by myself for Bethany so that she can come to live in Florida!!!!!! Who ha!!

Also, I start my GT training on August 29th. Yay ra!!!!

I'm excited in case you can't tell. Byes!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Yay Ra!

Ok, so apparently I am very accident prone. I sliced my finger open at work last night while I was helping clean for closing. I had to go over to my manager's office to get it bandaged and all that. But they gave me a huge chocolate chip cookie to make it feel better. It made us all laugh and made me very happy. I like chocolate chip cookies.

My good news (and I have a few things):
1. I got the GT position at work! It stands for general teller and it's an introductory accounting position where I make sure all the registers balance and do random audits, fun stuff like that. I got a promotion after only 2 months! Wahoo!!
2. I get to see Bethany in 6 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3. I get to see my grandparents in 3 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Earlier this week I went to Magic Kingdom with Bree for the sole purpose of taking pictures with characters. We did that for 5 hours (we did ride Pirates and see the Tiki Room and the 3 o'clock parade but the rest was all characters). I will put up pictures from that soon.

That's all I've got for now. Byes!