Monday, December 29, 2008

Merry Christmas!

So, I'm sorry to my family for all the lying that I've done for the last month and a half. I did actually get to go home for Christmas and I've known since November 1st-ish!!! It was the best Christmas Eve ever and close to my favorite Christmas; it's hard to pick a favorite Christmas...
Christmas Eve was fantastic!! I got off the airplane and was picked up by my wonderful little brother. He had never been to the BWI airport before so he got to have a small little adventure of his own. First thing he said to me is "Sorry I forgot to get you a gift." To which I laughed at him and told him it was fine. He was so focused on not spoiling the surprise of me coming home that it sort of slipped his mind to get me a gift. So he took me shopping and I'm now watching my Christmas gift; Gilmore Girls with the line of "Do I have to watch it?" When I answered no he told me that I was allowed to get it. My lovely little brother ladies and gentlemen...
Anyways, back to Christmas Eve. So, John and I get to church and we're just slightly late because my flight was delayed by a small little bit. We walked in and I made sure to hide behind John so that my Dad couldn't see me fully until I wanted him to. The coming home was for him (Mom and I orchestrated the whole plot). He was very depressed that I wouldn't be coming home. I'm glad that I got to make his year better. I came into the sanctuary and the first thing I see is Sofie, my 15 year old cousin, holding her hands over her mouth and nose with eyes as wide as could be; obviously she was glad that I came home. I then stood in the aisle with what my dad describes as a "cheshire cat grin" spread across my face. I waited until my dad's face told me that he had processed that it was actually his daughter standing there in the back of the sanctuary. He cried but managed to keep his voice level through all of liturgy for the whole service.
After Dad processed it was me I turned and saw my grandmother coming towards me with open arms, a huge smile and tears in her eyes. She told me "I thought you weren't coming home! What are doing here?! Does your mother know!?" I told her mom paid for the ticket. So Gramma cried into my shoulder for a few minutes. I felt very loved.
As soon as there was a moment when everyone stood up and Sofie practically flew towards me to hug me. She was crying too and told me "I'm so glad that you're home! Is my makeup ok?" Typical Sofie. Love her forever.
When my mom was able to come over and hug me she literally shoved Sofie out of the way so that she could hug me. I laughed. I love my mother.
Once communion was being served and Grandpa came down I went over to hug him. I've never seen my grandfather sulk in 22 years but when I went over to him he said "Someone sent us a text that implied they were staying in Florida." There was so much sulking in that tone I had to bite my lip to keep from laughing at him.
At the end of service there was candle lighting and my dad was diligently lighting everyone's candle that he could. I found out later that my mom somewhat yelled at him "Go light Ashley's candle!" He pretty much ran over to me at that point. Sofie saw him coming and told me "Give me your candle!!" I did and hugged my dad for a solid 5 minutes. I remember telling him "You said that people should be at home with family on Christmas." I think I made him cry more with that.

The rest of Christmas was floating on a cloud. Samantha was just as happy to see me as the rest of my family. It was a perfect weekend and went off just as I've been picturing since November. I have a picture of Mantha's face when she saw me. It was pretty much the same as everyone else's so it should give you an idea of my weekend.

I also got to see my little boys over the weekend. That was my cherry on top of a fantastic weekend. Enjoy the pictures! Byes!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


So, I'm updating because I'm pretty sure if I don't my mom might yell...

I went to the candlelight processional last night with Beth and Bethany. It was cold. By cold, I mean that I wore a sweatshirt, hat, gloves (the last 2 I gave to Bethany because she was colder than me), long pants and close toed shoes. The wind was what made it so cold; it was only 50! This temperature made me realize that, while I will desperatly miss my family on Christmas I'm not so much going to miss the cold. Especially Maryland's stupid, let's be cold but never snow philoshophy. There's no point in it being that cold unless it's going to flipping snow! Honestly, the world needs to understand my logic. It would make life better and just as interesting if not more so than it is right now.

In case you haven't heard, I'm out of a job on January 2. My internship got cancelled. Actually, the entire program has been cancelled. So, I need a job. In Florida would be the best. If you know of anyone hiring or have a contact that I could talk with please inform me!!!!

Now, I'm in the process of cleaning the house before Beth's (my roommate) parents come in tomorrow. During which I plan on watching Christmas movies.

Everyone have a marvelous Christmas! Byes!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Wedding Eve

So, right now I am in the secretary's office at the church where Bailey and Matt are getting married waiting for copies of the program to print. I cannot believe that 2 of my best friends in the world are getting married tomorrow afternoon. I couldn't make it through the rehearsal without welling up. I am a baby, but in a good way.

I have known Bailey going on four years now and yet, it feels like forever. I haven't seen her in 2 months but it seems as though a day has passed; we just pick right back up where we left off. I feel so much joy for her right now, with a small amount of jealousy working its way in. I have watched her relationship with Matt grow from a friendship to a dating relationship to further develop into an engagement and now it has evolved into a marriage. I am beginning to understand those "stupid" songs that make grown ups cry; songs like "Butterfly Kisses" and "She's Somebody's Hero". Those songs embody the emotions running through me at the moment. I know I'm not Bailey's parents and my emotions are nothing like theirs, or those of any parent who gives their child away at weddings, but she is my sister and I have a whole different kind of giving her away along with the emotions that go hand in hand with letting her go.

We have been each other's to take care of for the four years of college and the six months after graduation. I feel a kind of melancholy over the fact that she will no longer be mine to take care of. We will still be there for each other, forever and for always, but now, she's Matt's. And I cannot think of anyone better to give my best friend to. I know he'll take care of her forever. I hope that I find the same joy that they have found in each other and I pray that I find it soon. But at the moment, all my focus is on my best friends and the happiness they radiate to the world this weekend.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

My life is still amazing!

I'm still alive for those of you who might think otherwise. And I love my life!!!!! Still.

So, I got all of my Christmas shopping done at Disney and it's still November!!!

Reasons my life is still amazing:

1. My Christmas shopping is done and everything was 50% off for me! Yay ra!
2. I got my maid of honor dress for Bailey's wedding and I have never felt more elegant.
3. I've lost weight and that is always a good feeling
4. My parents and my brother are coming in a week and a half!!!!
5. I get to take my family to the parks for 2 days while they are here!! And we're eating at the Nine Dragons at the China pavilion! I get to cross off another of the nice restaurants from my list!! (I have a goal to eat at all the nice restaurants at Epcot's World Showcase. So far I've made it through 3).
6. Bethany spent the night and we're going to church!
7. 2 of my best friends are getting married to each other is 27 days!!! Wahoo!!!!
8. Christmas music is being played on the radio and that just makes me happy! I am my mother's child!
9. I got to see my roommate!!! Work schedules keep conflicting with us seeing one another.
10. My house is mostly clean and it's pretty!
11. I still love my job!

Ok, that's all I've got. Byes!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

House Pictures

Picture Update

I hope that these give you a good idea that I have been having fun in the last month. More pictures are on my Facebook but it takes too much to put all of them up here. But pictures of my house as it is decorated are soon to follow.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I'm still alive I promise

I promise that I haven't fallen off the face of the planet or died or anything.  I just don't have internet at my new house.  I will be trying to upload pictures in the near future.  As it stands, I love my house and thanks to everyone for all the furniture and stuff!  I am completly unpacked and my roommate is almost unpacked.  I am in love with my life.  My house is beautiful and my job is amazing.  I don't really have big news but I figured that updating would convince you that I'm still alive.  Ok, well that's all.  Byes!!!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Life Update!

Ok, so I realize that I haven't updated my blog lately but here's what's been going on in my life lately!

I got a phone call a few weeks ago from a manger at Revenue Currency and Control at the Magic Kingdom. He told me that my resume caught his eye and it was made even more appealing by the fact that I am currently at DisneyWorld. He asked if instead of starting my professional internship in January if I would start now. I said yes!!!!! So, for the past few weeks I have been following through with all of the proper procedures, interviews and whatnot so that I can start this new job. I am officially starting on October the 6th!!!!!! :):):):):):):):)

Also, once I found out that this was a possibility my friend Beth and I started looking for a place to stay. We found this amazing house out in Kissimmee that we absolutely fell in love with. We put an offer in last week and were crossing our fingers about it. I got a phone call on Monday saying that we were approved for the house! We move in today!!!!!! I am so uber excited!

So, that's my life so far. Everything is going great! I love my life.